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The pals and the meta-godmodding Mary Sue. by NoxiaPrime The pals and the meta-godmodding Mary Sue. :iconnoxiaprime:NoxiaPrime 9 0 Energon Decepticon Team Rocket by NoxiaPrime Energon Decepticon Team Rocket :iconnoxiaprime:NoxiaPrime 1 2 Me and Bumblebee (plus Noxia) by NoxiaPrime Me and Bumblebee (plus Noxia) :iconnoxiaprime:NoxiaPrime 5 7 Noxia Prime in beast version by NoxiaPrime Noxia Prime in beast version :iconnoxiaprime:NoxiaPrime 22 2 Chase Young and Cycron by NoxiaPrime Chase Young and Cycron :iconnoxiaprime:NoxiaPrime 2 0 Electa x Helix by NoxiaPrime Electa x Helix :iconnoxiaprime:NoxiaPrime 4 0 Cyclonus doodle by NoxiaPrime Cyclonus doodle :iconnoxiaprime:NoxiaPrime 4 5 RID Beexia sketch by NoxiaPrime RID Beexia sketch :iconnoxiaprime:NoxiaPrime 4 0 RID Noxia - first draw by NoxiaPrime RID Noxia - first draw :iconnoxiaprime:NoxiaPrime 10 1 Sorry by NoxiaPrime Sorry :iconnoxiaprime:NoxiaPrime 7 9 Twipsy Company Page 3 trailer sketch by NoxiaPrime Twipsy Company Page 3 trailer sketch :iconnoxiaprime:NoxiaPrime 1 0 Twipsy Company Page 2 by NoxiaPrime Twipsy Company Page 2 :iconnoxiaprime:NoxiaPrime 1 1 Miratia Hungaria by NoxiaPrime Miratia Hungaria :iconnoxiaprime:NoxiaPrime 2 3 Twipsy Company Page 2 trailer sketch by NoxiaPrime Twipsy Company Page 2 trailer sketch :iconnoxiaprime:NoxiaPrime 1 3 Twipsy Company Page 1 by NoxiaPrime Twipsy Company Page 1 :iconnoxiaprime:NoxiaPrime 2 0 Twipsy Company Page 1 background by NoxiaPrime Twipsy Company Page 1 background :iconnoxiaprime:NoxiaPrime 1 0


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NoxiaPrime's Profile Picture
Szárnyasi Judit
Artist | Hobbyist | Digital Art
Name: Noxia Prime

Fraction: Autobot

Work: Hunter, commander

Alt fraction: Valkryiebot, triplecharger

Age: 4 million years

Home: Earth/Cybertron

Alt mode: Jet, Valkryie mode

Combat mode: Valkryie mode

Weapons: Arrow and blades

Companion: Nero, the black catfaced spy-scorpion (alt modes: backpack, computer)

- Jhiaxus (father/creator)
- Bumblebee (mate/husband)
- Natrio (son)
- Lightspeed (daugther)

*she have one borther or sister, but she never seen //Looking for sisters or brothers XD//


The pals and the meta-godmodding Mary Sue.

Hey guys! Didn't see me and my drawings awhile. You know at last of 2-3 years I had lot of social problem and things to do by school and job. And I've lost my inspirate for drawing also my Photoshop program. For while I have drawing on paint... but at least my digital pad is working yet. <3 As a good start after a long "rest time" I'm start with a social parody about Mary Sues. This Paint-drawing tells everything about this problem alot!

Starkisser: *a glitchy pink thing shows up with furry hairs and feathered angel wings* Hi my fellow ugly Decepticon soldiers!

Cyc: Who are you??

Starkisser: I'm Starkisser, the favourite cutie daugther of Megatron and Queen Alaria from Abyss and the future leader of Decepticons and Autobots, the chosen of Primus, princess of Cybertron and spakmate of Optimus Prime, mother Of Bumblebee and Arcee. You have to respect and love me!

Dem: Ugh...
Cyc: Wait a minute, femme, wait! I'm asking you again... WHO THE SLAGGING HELL ARE YOU?!

Starkisser: I said I'm Starkisser, the favourite cutie daugther of Primus and Queen Alaria from Abyss and the future leader of Decepticons and Autobots, the princess of Cy...

Dem: Hold on, girl! Slow! We heard it once time, but I don't understand it. Just let start from the beginning... you are Starkisser, right?

Starkisser: Yes.

Dem: Who gave you this name?

Starkisser: My lovely daddy Megatron!

Cyc: Megatron? Lovely?

Dem: And how he - who is a cruel and hard warlord of the Decepticons without mercy and he hates the cutie things - could give this name to you?

Starkisser: Because I'm pink and I have stars, and he thought the "kisser" suits me better.

Cyc: Name is Starbitch suits you better!

Starkisser: You have to respect me, ugly orangeface helicopter because I'm your princess!

Cyc: What is the princess?

Starkisser: It's a royal rank for a royal cutie one like me because I'm daugther of Megatron and Queen Alaria!

Dem: Queen who?

Starkisser: Queen Alaria the queen of Abyss and she's a powerful inmortal half dragon, hald angel, half valkyrie, half Transformer and she's sister of Alpha Trion!

Cyc: ... Really? And Ratchet or Knockout has seen your processor, femme?

Dem: So then you're look like multiraced one... and why do you think you are the chosen of Primus and princess of Cybertron?

Starkisser: Errr... because I'm a powerful Transformer since I've born and Primus thinks I'm the one who would lead the Cybertron, but Unicron wants me be his wife and mother of his ugly sparklings because of my godness power what Primus has given for me!

Dem: What Primus has given for you... for what?!

Starkisser: For I'm the most powerfull and strongest chosen one all of Universes... ALL OF THE UNIVERSES!

Cyc: You mentioned yourself as Transformer... when your mother is not 100% Transformer like you!

Starkisser: Of course I'm a Transformer!

Cyc: But you have feathered wings, furry hairs and skin under of your plates!!!!

Starkisser: Why not? This makes me more powerful and sexy for make you all horny and fall love for me. *winks*

Cyc: *facepalms*

Dem: And WHY Optimus would marry you when he has Elita one... wait... are you said you are mother of Bumblebee and Arcee? HOW?!

Starkisser: Elite One is a stupid bitch!!!!!!!! I'm better for Optimus Prime and Bee and Arcee would be my children. They has born by me and my Optimus, that's it! Anyway all of the femmes are bitches just me is the cutiest and the smartest one who the Mechs want, and I love when they falls for me and try save me every time when the evil ones are kidnap me for my powers and beauty.

Cyc: Demmy, let me kill her! She's so glitchy!

Dem: And HOW would you be leader both of the Decepticons and Autobots? A true Transformer has to choose ONE side. Again, ONE SIDE.

Starkisser: I'm leader of both of them because Megatron is my father and Optimus is my husband! That's it!

Dem: But do you have alt mode?
Starkisser: Yes. I never used it because I no need for them but I can tramsform to lot of things. I'm car, jet, angel, dragon, weapon for my love Optimus, a cat, fairy-valkyrie, etc, etc... so I'm multicharger!

Dem: Multicharger doesn't exist! Impossible!

Starkisser: Why wouldn't be impossible?! Of course is it!!

Cyc: No!

Starkisser: Yes and shut up!!


Dem: *holds Cyc back* Calm down! It's useless!

Starkisser: Yes because I'm inmortal and undefeated one!

Dem: But you would have a weakness like everyone!

Starkisser: Weakness? What?

Cyc: ENOUGH!!!!! *he pushes Dem away and attacks on Starkisser.*

Starkisser: *nothing happened.*

Cyc: Huh?! *attacks again.*

Starkisser: *nothing happened.*

Cyc: *attacks on her all of his powers kicking, blowing, shooting, burning...*

Dem: ??????????????????????

Starkisser: *NOTHING HAPPENED!!!*


Starkisser: Because I'm inmortal and powerful and no one can defeat me.


Starkisser: It's not, because I've born with this. *she burnsa in flash light and burns EVERYTHING around her killing Dem and Cyc to never revived again.*

Vector: Another metameaning Mary Sue with godmode? Fuck yourself bitch. *sends Starkisser into the void where she's die and then Vector Prime makes sure about this event never happened...
Energon Decepticon Team Rocket
  • Mirage: Prepare for trouble!
  • Demolishor: Make it double!
  • Mirage: To protect the Galaxy with devastation!
  • Demolishor: To unite all Transformers within our nation!
  • Mirage: To denounce the evil of truth and love!
  • Demolishor: To extend our reach to the stars above!
  • Mirage: Mirage!
  • Demolishor: Demolishor!
  • Mirage: Team Decepticon blast off at the speed of light!
  • Demolishor: Surrender now or prepare to fight!
  • Snowcat: ... Fuck this shit! Fuck you all.

Me and Bumblebee (plus Noxia) by NoxiaPrime

Star! How long have you been on DeviantArt?

I'm here 8-9-10 years ago. My first account has Judynator, but nearly 1 year ago I made this new want as NoxiaPrime

Star! What does your username mean?

Noxia Prime is my OC from Transformers universes. It's an universal character, but I made her 3-4 years ago, but her first final form as Prime seria version has made in 2013.

Star! Describe yourself in three words.

I'm artistan roleplayer!

Star! Are you left or right handed?


Star! What was your first deviation?

Hmmm... this is a nice question. It was on my Judynator account. If I remember well, this was a photo... :/

Star! What is your favourite type of art to create?


Star! If you could instantly master a different art style, what would it be?

Cartoonist, but as univeraly master! XD

Star! What was your first favourite?

Mean since childhood or what? If you mean seriously fan of someone, is it Transformers and Xiaolin Showdown. If as childhood, it was Twipsy.

Star! What type of art do you tend to favourite the most?

Cartoon art, digital arts, crossovers.

Star! Who is your all-time favourite deviant artist?

JPL-Animation and VexyFate. Their digital and 3D arts are very cool! I wish creating perfect arts, like them! *.*

Star! If you could meet anyone on DeviantArt in person, who would it be?

Everyone who are here my good friends

Star! How has a fellow deviant impacted your life?

Some person in sometime.

Star! What are your preferred tools to create art?

Photoshop or my hands. The hands are the naturalest workers, than the digital draws.

Star! What is the most inspirational place for you to create art?

Roleplayer sites and the calmest place, like my room.

Star! What is your favourite DeviantArt memory?

My favourite DeviantArt memory is making fall on a fake artist, who uses other's art for tell, she did it becaouse of population. I found something about her criminal and I showed it on Deviantart in my birthday. Her account name is phuong-linh. The other is when VexyFate made an art for me as thank me for help her find two criminal artthieves. One of them used and recolored ever her own art.

Me and my OCs by NoxiaPrime
(Me Judynator and my main Original Characters - quickdraw with hand)


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